On the Coast – Over 55 Issue 26 I November/December 2018 - Page 24

Primary Ethics Grandmothers back in the classroom teaching primary ethics at Umina Beach Public School where they will be told the answers, but will be required to figure out answers for themselves.” Ethics classes take a “community of inquiry” approach to help children learn how to constructively puzzle over important questions. This means that teachers don’t provide answers but use the curriculum scenarios to prompt children to discuss and build on each other’s ideas – or if they disagree, to do it respectfully. The aim is to guide them into learning how to make well-reasoned decisions for themselves rather than act out of habit or peer pressure. “The topics are all engaging,” said Ms Jope, who teaches a Year 2 class at Umina Beach Public School each week. “We’ve just finished the topic ‘Laziness’ and it was fascinating to see the students exploring the idea of ‘lazy thinking’. The idea that we should strive to think for ourselves www.mobility2you.com.au Electric powerlift chair Approved DVA Sub Contractor ERINA BARRA LONG RO AD MARINU S PL ES Y T HW OAS L C RA T EN BON NA The Sunken Monkey S E N I O R S O N T H E C OA S T WE ARE HERE Visit our Mobility Centre 2/12 Aston Rd, ERINA Ph 4367 5751 24 Mobile walking aid • scooters • walking aids • daily living aids • rails and home modifications • bathroom Central Coast Experts in Mobility Scooters Your safe mobility solutions with customised equipment and expert fitting is an example of how the curriculum is really relevant whatever your age.” Ethics teachers are given free, comprehensive face-to-face and online training as well as ongoing classroom support from Primary Ethics. “I’d recommend Ethics teaching to anybody who truly cares about the development of children into ethically thinking adults. Yes there can be difficult moments in the classroom – engaging the class clown, for example – but the Primary Ethics team is really supportive, whether For Annie Bilton and Sally Jope, being an Ethics teacher is a way to become more involved with their grand children’s education while helping other young people develop their critical thinking skills, learn how to reason and make better decisions. They are both volunteer Ethics teachers at Umina Beach Public School, one of the 31 schools on the Central Coast that currently have an Ethics program. “This course teaches children how to make important decisions, using logic and reason, and how to respect the opinions of others. I wish I’d learned these skills at school” Ms Bilton said. “Having volunteers deliver the program works well, in that you step into the classroom as an independent facilitator,” said Ms Jope. “It frees up class teachers from having to fit this kind of activity into their week. Students learn that Ethics is not a subject