On the Coast – Over 55 Issue 26 I November/December 2018 - Page 21

blingy earrings with your jeans and tee for a shopping day or lunch with a friend! Or, maybe a nice dress with your boots for doing the groceries and picking up the grandkids from school. “You can NEVER be overdressed, only inappropriately dressed!” with illness? This is no surprise to us as we too truly believe that if someone feels good about themselves even difficult times can be a tad more bearable. We would LOVE you to join us in encouraging others to feel good when they dress how they want to…So, are you in? If you are then here is what you need to do: 1. #DressUpItFeelsGood on Facebook or Instagram when ever you comment or post a picture. 2. Tell someone they look good when you think they do (you do not need social media for this!!) Encourage someone to feel comfortable with how they dress. Don’t you love it when you receive a compliment? Be the one to GIVE that compliment and make someone’s day. 3. Like our posts or anyone who tags #DressUpItFeelsGood. Let’s start a wave of community support for everyone who wants to be accepted with how they “dress up”. We know we are going out on a limb but that is how passionate we feel about this. We want to make a bigger difference and create a space/ community where people can feel good about themselves regardless of their age, status, shape, size, style or gender! Professional foot care for the whole family Contact 0422 018 781 for an appointment Cnr Pemell St & Akora Rd Wyoming (at the fiveways roundabout) Keeping you on your feet www.steppingupfamilyfootclinic.com.au –Sam Woods. So, how do you feel confident in what you are wearing and “dressing up”? 1. Ensure that the colour is perfect for your complexion and personality 2. Have garments that are well fitting, appropriate to your body shape and there are no bad distractions 3. Assess the occasion and wear something suitable e.g a cocktail dress and heels wouldn’t be suitable for a backyard BBQ, however a floral dress and bejewelled sandals would be. Once you can confidently tick these three boxes you will know there is nothing wrong with our outfit and the way you look. Now you can confidently walk out of the house ‘dressed up’ and feeling good. Our #DressUpItFeelsGood community isn’t designed to create competitiveness, it is there to encourage EVERYONE to wear what makes them TRULY feel good and happy. If you are a casual dresser and it makes you feel good then so be it! Come ONBOARD too! Did you know? Some hospitals are actually implementing a “Dress up Not Gown” movement to help patients feel better when they are recovering or dealing Go on, Dress Up – It Feels Good! Sam & Jordi Understanding styling and fashion is one thing. Having a super-natural flair for making everyday people look incredible is another. Once you’ve met Sam & Jordi Woods, it’s hard not to catch their infectious passion for dressing to match your own lifestyle, personality and charisma. Through their consultancy ‘VibrantConcepts’, Sam & Jordi have transformed the lives of thousands. Let Sam & Jordi show you how to look and feel fabulous everyday at their Style Studio in Erina – learn the art of illusion dressing, colour matching, styling, translating fashion trends and savvy shopping with their unique VC Signature Styling Systems and services that are truly personal and really work! To contact VibrantConcepts phone 0425 221 676. Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Kate Perkins, B.App.Sci (Occupational Therapy) helps women who have undergone surgery and related treatment for breast cancer gain recovery of strength, movement, and energy. » Monitoring pre & post breast cancer treatment » Assessment and management of Lymphoedema » Strength After Breast Cancer prescribed exercise program » Scar tissue management – surgical, adhesive scar tissue, cording » Low Level Laser Therapy » Lymph and Scar Taping techniques » Manual Lymph Drainage massage » Compression garment prescription » Patient Education » EPC and Health Fund Claimable Call Kate on 0425 554 994 to book an appointment. @lymphaticsolutionsau E: info@lymphaticsolutions.com.au www.lymphaticsolutions.com.au Do You Love Dogs? DOG MINDERS REQUIRED Care for a dog in your own home from time to time and be REWARDED $$ Security, wagging tail, companionship and plenty of licks! Call Bronwyn PH: 0413 362 481 www.holidayheaven4hounds.com.au NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018 – ISSUE 26 21