On the Coast – Over 55 Issue 26 I November/December 2018 - Page 20

are you ready to feel good? by Sam & Jordi Woods U nfortunately, it has been made quiet clear to us recently (and it is quiet concerning really) that clients have expressed they want to dress up but feel self conscious of what others will think. Now, you may not care what others think of you and can happily walk out of your house in your favourite clothes and feel fabulous everyday – which by the way makes us feel happy for you! But…if you are not one of those people who are confident to dress up, or feel that you need to dress down because everyone else is then read on, because we are going to take that worry away and change how you feel about getting dressed! Firstly… Stop, close your eyes and image this…you walking out of your house to meet some friends for a coffee and you are dressed in your favourite skirt, a blouse that makes you smile every time you look at it, a handbag that has a story behind it, a pair of shoes you picked up on sale that you were eyeing off for ages and an accessory you know you will one day want to pass down to a family member. How do you feel? Uplifted, happy, free, stylish, attractive, like you could take on the world? If you can feel this fantastic in a 1 minute day dream why shouldn’t you feel this fantastic everyday! Life is there to be lived so don’t waste a precious day not feeling fantastic! Before we go any further, there is a mantra of ours we want to share – “You can NEVER be overdressed, only inappropriately dressed!” –Sam Woods. Recently we started a #(hashtag) and Style Community – #DressUpItFeelsGood to encourage and support anyone who wishes to “dress up”. If you are not on social media then you can still be a part of this movement! You do not need social media to dress up everyday. The aim of this movement is to show women (and men) that it is OK to wear something that makes you feel good – yes, that may be a pair of 20 S E N I O R S O N T H E C OA S T