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Town Expansion or Over- Development? WITH THE INK BARELY DRY ON THE adoption of the MASTERPLAN FOR ARLESEY – CBC ROLL OUT THE NEXT PLAN Towards the end of June, Central Bedfordshire Council announced the new local plan for the area. Within this plan is a description of how Arlesey could be expanded even more in years to come was unveiled. It includes a further 2000 houses to the East of Arlesey extending from the southern portion of ‘Arlesey Cross’ south past the Blue and Green Lagoons. Consultations for this plan will start on July 4th 2017 and more details available. In 2015 Central Bedfordshire Council adopted a Masterplan for this area which included approximately 1400 houses for Arlesey alone. This plan is now on the brink of being started. With the new Local Plan being announced the total new housing stock will increase by an estimated 3400 houses. At present the village has just under 3000 homes so this would more than double the number of existing dwellings. Maybe you feel this is a good thing and expansion is positive. maybe you find this outrageous and will devastate the community. Whatever your point of view it is important to find out more and make your views known on the plan. The plan on the right shows Arlesey with the ‘Arlesey Cross’ development outlined in orange. The pink area is a rough plan made from the description in the notes on the local plan. It is not accurate and only a suggestion of the area involved. Some areas to consider; • What amenities and facilities will be brought in alongside such a large scale development? • What infrastructure will be put in place to cope with traffic, parking, schools, leisure and recreation in the village? • Will transport links be increased to cope? • I  s this in proportion to expansion in other areas of Bedfordshire? As stated in the Arlesey Town Council column, on page 7, there will be a consultation period running from 4th July 2017 for 8 weeks. As part of this process CBC will hold a drop-in- session for members of the public to meet CBC officers and ask questions; there’s no need to book, just come along, 2.00pm – 8.00pm, 26 July, in Arlesey Village Hall. More details of CBC’s local plan can be found via the CBC website or via this link: http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/planning/policy/ local-plan/local-plan.aspx ARLESEY CROSS ARLESEY CROSS NEW LOCAL PLAN ARLESEY CROSS NEW LOCAL PLAN NEW LOCAL PLAN With the Neighbourhood Plan a steering group were set- up to engage with the community and seek their views on aspects of ‘Arlesey Cross’, if you feel you could be part of a group to get involved in a similar way for this consultation please get in touch with on the button. 8 on the button issue 59 July 2017 | 01462 834265 | onthebutton.online@gmail.com | www.on-the-button.co.uk