on the button Issue 59 - Page 6

The Parish Magazine I was lucky recently to be lent a copy of a book called ‘Kelly’s Directory of Bedfordshire 1898’. The book was printed as a the predecessor to the Telephone Directory only it was packed with goods and services for as many business in Bedfordshire as possible. I scanned through the book and while looking some dirty and very pages of a booklet dropped out. The pages were from an old Arlesey Parish Magazine titled ‘Church News – Arlesey with Astwick’. The issue was from July 1964 and was priced at 4d. (four old pence, which was less than two new pence). The magazine was made up of four pages of local church news and advertising wrapped around sixteen pages of ‘national news’ from the church community. It is interesting to see some of the adverts placed in the magazine even from 1964. Halsey’s Garage, Arlesey Industrial and Provident Society Ltd., Baines Cycle Shop and many more. Have a look at the scans of pages here to see what was available in the mid sixties. Top left :the outside cover of the Church News Top right [Y\\[YH\YH[۝X[N\\X\[HX\&\]\HX[Y[ۈH]ۈ\YH NH[H M M  HH[NH۝YHوH][ۘ[[\]B\و[YHY]\[[[[ۈ ۝X]ۋۛ[PXZ[ H˛ۋ]KX]ۋ˝Z