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no change until November when it was noted that he is a little brighter and takes note of what was being said to him and what was going on around him. He was employed and went on walks and slept well. By February it is noted that there was much improvement but he still had that vacant expression and his mind was not clear and was still quiet. In May, it is noted that he never spoke to anyone unless he was spoken to and then only in syllables he worked a little out of doors but was very quiet, depressed and inactive. July, it was said his condition was around the same and he was discharged on trial on the 26th September 1892. In 1893, a new Deacon was elected as John’s state of health would not allow him to be re-elected and in the 1901 census we see John was back working as Sub postmaster so was obviously feeling much better. Sadly, John’s wife Emma died on the 8th May 1902 and was buried in Reed on the 18th May. On July 2 1903 John was readmitted to Three Counties Asylum now aged 70 he was said to be suffering from dementia with the supposed cause of insanity being a previous attack and old age. On admission, it was noted he was taking his breakfast while walking the room incompletely dressed, he was anxious and apprehensive and complained that someone was going to injure him. His housekeeper and sister in law had told how he did not rest properly at night and attempted to dress himself at unreasonable hours. Dr Wightman of Royston said that John did not look at him when he was being spoken to and that John thought that government officials were in the next room and that they had come to execute him – this is whispered mysteriously. John says his post office affairs were in a bad way. Fanny, John’s niece said that he kept removing the bed clothes from his bed and moved them into the next room saying he was not in his own house, he was dirty in his habits. Medically his eyes were grey but his pupils reacted well, his tongue was covered in fur. There was nothing abnormal found in chest, his pulse was regular but his heart sounded feeble, his were feet swollen and his urine contained albumen. Mentally he was rambling and irrational in conversation, he was having delusions of persecution with auditory and visual hallucinations making him restless. The next day he was in bed in the infirmary, his legs were less swollen but he was wandering mentally. John thought he has lost large sums of money but this was not so, he had become very feeble and was confined to bed with oedema on both legs and albumen in his urine, his cardiac action was very feeble. On July 13th he is incoherent, rambling and restless all the time. There was no change mentally until September it was just noted that he had become very feeble but on November the 13th it is noted his mental condition had improved but his health was still feeble. November 26th the Drs notes read “patient was put to bed yesterday because he appeared more feeble than us Յ)ᅵѥѡЁ͡ݕ䀡չɕݥѠձ)ЁѠ͕̰Ёͽչ́хЁЁɵ!Ʌѡ)Ց䁅ЀȸԁɽMt))é=Յɕq1ЁQ͑ݕѡɔ͕݅)Ёѡ啅́ɕѕхЁѡѱ٥)IQɔɔѥ܁Iѽݡٔͅ)ɕѥ́ѡՅѥѼIѡͥѡ)MչMɕЁȁѡѡ̸Qȁɥ))Ʌ݅ݥЁͽɝѕ!́ݡ݅́Ёѡ)٥䁹܁م啅́Ʌѕձɕȁ)Սѥ́ѡ䁭Սѥݡѡ䁕ٕȁɕٕ)Ё͍Սѕ!݅́ȁ啅́ѡ)ɥѕЁѡɕѥMչ͍)ѡɍͥ́չѥ!ͼȁͥɅѥ)ѡMՈAѵѕȁѕȁɥȁȁѡ٥)ЁѡͅѥɥɅ͡QչɅѽ)Ёѡɥ͠ɍݡɔյȁѡMչ͍)͍́ݕɔɕ͕ЁͅЁѡɅٕͥQɔݕɔ)͕ٕɅɅɥѕ̰ɽѡѕ́ɽѡ)͍́ѡMչM)ՍI)1́Ս́ѡɕȁѡ́啅ˊéՅ)ՍIMչѠ)չЁ)5܁ɱ͕丁Q͔݅́)ѡ́啅ȁݥѠѡ́ɽѼՍ́)ѡɕ̰Ёѡ́eЁѽ䁝ѥ)՝ЁѥЁ݅䁉ѡ)ɽЁչ̸)QЁՍٕȁѡ݅͡)ͽɕɱ͕Aɵ䰁ѡՍ)Ё͕݅́ͽɕ)! ɹѡѡɐՍ݅)ͽɕɕ!)QɅAɥȰAɥ)ѽ䰃aM͡ݻdЀȸ)ɽѡͽѡɸѡ͔Ʌٕ)ѼѡݥȁЁѡѠͥѡٕȸ)ܹɽ̽ѡѽ(ѡѽѡѽՔ)ձ(