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Patient No: 6215 - John Farraway – Sub-Postmaster/Grocer Cause of Insanity – Hereditary John Farraway was born around 1833 in Reed near Royston Hertfordshire, he married Emma Dellow in 1857 and they settled down in Reed. John first worked as a woodman and later took over as the Sub Postmaster running a grocer’s shop. John and Emma were a big part of Reed Congregational Church and on the 29 May 1885 John was elected as Deacon, Johns attendance at church up until his illness was 100%. In 1890 John lost his brother James to Phthisis (TB) aged just 47. On the 20th May 1891 John was admitted to the Three Counties Asylum, he was described as looking somewhat vacant, he scarcely spoke and would not answer questions. He thought he had seen a big dog in his bedroom when one had not been there. His wife Emma had been advised to keep a strict eye on him and was not to leave him alone. She said he had threatened to murder her and to destroy himself. He was afraid to be by himself and was now sleepless. On Saturday last, he attempted to strip himself naked in the kitchen and yesterday he attempted to throw himself from an upper window. He often thought he heard the devil in his shop. He stared vacantly and kept his hands in an incessant movement, he displayed marked hesitation in answering ordinary questions and did not know if he had left the house or where he was now or during the day or not. He admitted he had not eaten his proper quantity of food. His wife informed us that yesterday he got up early and in a very excited way searched the pockets of her dress then attempted to get out of the chamber window at the same time being noisy. Upon admission, he was a heavy stout man in fair bodily health, his heart sounded clear. There is an extensive scaly eruption upon the lower part of the body, he was very quiet, silent and indisposed to speak fancies he is brought in to be killed. On the 21st May it was reported that he had slept fairly well but he was very depressed and answered questions reluctantly but on the 28th he had become restless and sleepless, and took to standing at the door of his room, his urine is clear of albumen and fancies he is going to be burned. There was 12 on the button issue 59 July 2017 | 01462 834265 | An unsent letter written by John Farraway, who was admitted to the asylum on the 20th May 1891 aged 58. onthebutton.online@gmail.com | www.on-the-button.co.uk