on the button Issue 58 - Page 9

Mary’s Meadow This is an update on work and progress for the development of this wildflower and wildlife meadow adjacent to Stotfold Road and the Hermitage. Last Autumn local volunteers helped me crop and gather hay. We sowed more seeds, different varieties to existing, which numbered over 30 species last year. I have also planted a living willow bird hide overlooking the pond and reeds, with facilities to note all wildlife seen in this area[ We appear to have a resident pair of Snipe, and lots of Reed Buntings.] In the back of the notebook will be a list of wildflowers also. Continued thanks to local volunteers, orchestrated by the Bedford Rural Communities Charity, who also advise me on the development programme. Later in the year I will be happy to provide photos of the meadow. Once we are up and running I will be happy to allow members of the public access, subject to email details bei r&fFVBv&fFR66W72FWF0FW"F2V"'WBV6RFRF2vB&Rg&7FFfB&@vW&R66FW&&RFvR2&VVFRFfV6W2Gv6R&VGBƖ6RfR&VVFfVB6VG26&RF&V7FVBFPB7FWfV77vVVW66RvR6RF2VFrfVGW&Rb&W6WfvRƖfR7FWfR57vVVW&6&N( 2&VƖ70V^( 2&V7B&6&N( 2&VƖ7226WFrvRrFRPb'WB6RFVW2vB2v2B2W6VBf#FRF&RG6V`2&FVBW"BVFVB6R&F&&BvFPG&VBFRF6VG&Rf"vrFRvv^( vfRRFP7vW"WBF( 277VR$U4U$5VrW'3FFg&F( 2CVF@"FbWХ6GW&FB7VF( 266V@( "&WVB&W67&F( G&fn( @6V7F6W'f6Rg&&W6WVF66VG&RB&6fVB7FFfB7W&vW'( "&W67&FFVƗfW'6W'f6RF&W6WB7FFfB&W6FVG06VFrf&fVB&$TDd$E0$P5D4𤴔p4U%d4Pd$P3v7G&VWB&W6W&VG24sRe$FVâCc"s3#fCc"3Ccwwr&W6W&76V( FWFVR6RW0F( BfRvF2'WBF( B&VƖWfRFVFS( ФזG@7BF( 2ח7FW'&V7@( 2VW7V&V7B27Fח7FW''WB&W6V&6rFP&6bvBג&W7BwVW720FBBv22W6VBf"6pG2FR&Vv6VBBvV@&R6VBfW"f&B6V@vFF2&6wwrf6V&6w&W2FV'WGF6fFV'WGFFR'WGF77VRSVR#p