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Is there a Street Party in the house? There certainly was! Chase House enjoyed their own street party on 25th August. The retirement home officially opened their vintage style street complete with shops, a pub, bus stop and “Steptoes Yard”. Officially opened by one of their ladies who was celebrating her 103’ birthday that day. Food included pork pie, spam sandwiches, jam tarts and cakes. Staff dressed up, including a Pearly King, Chimney Sweep and Land Army girl. With an entertainer on hand, everyone had a great time. Images supplied by Chase House. Spot the lawnmower You would be forgiven for missing him at first glance, but the picture below shows Dave Whittaker of ACORN hard at work cutting the footpath in Millpits Meadow, so that everyone can enjoy their walks more. As you can see Dave was closely supervised by local dog Trevor. ACORN - or Arlesey Conservation For Nature – are a group of volunteers that help keep the footpaths clear. You can find out more about them @ www.arleseywalks.co.uk Dave told us that the stream in the background is the River Hiz. This is a chalk stream which Daves says is quite rare. It runs from here into the River Ivel at Henlow Grange. And it is also the river that runs through Henlow, in front of the church. Images: Rosemary E Lunn A freshly cut footpath thanks to ACORN. Dave closely supervised by local dog Trevor 6 on the button issue 49 September 2016 | 01462 834265 | steve@onthebuttonarlesey.co.uk | www.on-the-button.co.uk