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DKHomeImprove_Ad02:Layout 1 1/10/12 20:32 Page 1 D K Home Improvements Plumber / Tiler I am pleased s to say that once again I have been able to put together a 20-page magazine this month, and there is lots to see and do in the coming weeks. To start on 3rd of September there is the Arlesey Summer Fete. The event kicks-off at 12.00noon and will certainly get off to a flying start when a Spitfire pays a fleeting visit. More details on page 13. Our interview this month is with Felix Camfield-Walker, local gents hairdresser and grandson of angler Dick Walker. Jodie Chillery once again asks the questions. See page 10. Part 3 of the Three Counties Fire Brigade on page 16 in the column from Richard Knight. This month telling the story of the fire that engulfed the east wing. Lastly looking forward to October from the 8th to 26th Arlesey Music and Arts Festival runs some amazing local events. Tickets are available and with a real variety there is something for everyone. See page 13 for more details. If you would like to advertise in on the button please contact us or go to the website for more details: www.on-the-button.co.uk Thank you for reading on the button. Steve Maddox Complete Bathroom Installer with over 25 years experience For a free quotation contact David on: Tel: 01462 701214 Mob: 07973 912131 email: david@dkhomeimprovements.co.uk or visit our website: www.dkhomeimprovements.co.uk Trading since 1987 we carry out all types of roofing. Trading Standards Approved, Confederation of Roofing Contractors and Local Authority Approved Image: Emma Porter Office: 01462 732786 Mobile: 07977 290148 19 Glebe Avenue, Arlesey, Bedfordshire. SG15 6UP email: info@deanroofing.co.uk www.deanroofing.co.uk Foot Health Professional Effective, Hygenic Foot Care Service to your door! Published by: on the button, 32 Stotfold Road, Arlesey, Bedfordshire. SG15 6XT. Telephone 01462 834265. Editorial Please send any letters or articles, to ‘on the button’ email: info@onthebuttonarlesey.co.uk, or write to us at the address above, before the 15th of the month for inclusion in the next month’s magazine. For advertising Please call for rates on 01462 834265 or visit the website: www.on-the-button.co.uk and click on advertising rates. All copy and payment to be received before 15th of the month for inclusion in the next month’s magazine. • Foot Health check and advice • Nail Trimming • Reduction of thickened or ‘bulky’ nails • Removal of corns and Calluses • Treatment of fungal infection • ALL treatments include a complimentary foot massage Telephone: 07812 399659 Vicki Eagles MCFHP, MAFHP What comes with it? Distribution is 4200 copies, delivered throughout Arlesey and Fairfield, as well as businesses, pubs and shops in Stotfold, Ickleford, Henlow, Henlow Camp and Lower Stondon. Copies are also delivered to local libraries in Arlesey, Stotfold, Letchworth and Hitchin. Our website also has links to all previous issues, in PDF format, with clickable links to websites and email addresses. There is also an online e-magazine version, with pages that turn when clicked. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this publication on the button cannot accept liability for any statement or error contained herein. All details supplied to on the button are correct at time of going to press. © 2016 Printe N\H[[\X\[Z]Y  L L LBL[ܛٝ ][\ܙ\KH SB˙XX˘Kܛ\۝X]ۋ[۝X]ۈۈH]ۈ\YH H\[X\ M‚