on the button Issue 47

FREE!! 4200 copies delivered throughout Arlesey, Fairfield, Ickleford, Henlow, Henlow Camp and Lower Stondon plus libraries in Arlesey, Stotfold, Letchworth and Hitchin Issue 47, July 2016 Cover Image: Steve Maddox website email in Old Wa rey Centre P f o d r i B n at The Owl take 2013 rden – April email: steve@onthebuttonarlesey.co.uk tel: 01462 834265 www.facebook.com/groups/onthebutton/ www.facebook.com/groups/onthebutton/ | Jul y web: www.on-the-button.co.uk visit the n e w website! #infoonthebutton | on the button issue 47 July 2016 #infoonthebutton