on the button Issue 41 - Page 8

the brick works Production of bricks had made Arlesey the place it is today. The Arlesey White has gone down in history with its production techniques. The bricks themselves are durable and made from the gault clay with a distinctive colour. The different sites here were a major employer in the area, with many workers living in Arlesey themselves. The effects the industry had here can still be seen everywhere, if you look – the terraces of workers cottages clad with the yellow coloured facing bricks, some of the names and the pits still here. Although subtle landmarks they were less visible than the chimneys that dominated the skyline. Just before the Second World War in 1937 there were seven chimneys at the site. All heralding the height of this huge industry. Since then they had gradually and systematically demolished when no longer used or even unsafe. Some aerial photos taken around this time can be seen at the Britain from Above website: www.britainfromabove.org.uk In the 1980’s Butterley Brick started remaking Arlesey Whites on the site. Butterley, an old Mining Company, based in Derby, carried on production for a time, but in 1992 the last brick was made at the Arlesey plant and it closed completely. ress site: Image: Taken from Clive Lombari’s wordp https://arcangelolombari.wordpress.com 8 | January 2016 | on the button, 32 Stotfold Road, Arlesey. Bedfordshire. SG15 6XT www.onthebuttonarlesey.co.uk Image: Brian Juffs This month is the final part of the Brickworks feature looking at the site and the end of production here. The following is mainly pictorial and shows the chimneys and gradual demolition. Part 5 – Down they came