on the button Issue 41 - Page 14

three counties column Each month Richard Knight will feature an item from Three Counties Hospital from his collection of history and memorabilia. This month we have: Award badge This wonderful award badge held a big surprise for me I have been looking for this type of badge for many years so I was very pleased to be able to purchase this one from ebay. The lady who sold it was not an ex-Fairfield nurse or had any idea about it as it was her deceased husbands. I paid her the money and left with the badge a very happy man. It wasn’t till I looked at it more closely that I noticed it was hallmarked on the back. The following day I took it to my local jewellers. They informed it was made of GOLD! Manufactured by TK and S (Toye, Kenning and Spencer) of Birmingham in 1975. The firm holds a Royal Warrant to Queen Elizabeth for supply of Gold and Silver laces,insignia and embroidery TK&S supplies honours badges and ribbons presented at investitures and is sole supplier of the buttonhole honours emblem. So we can see that this is a high quality award but what was it issued for? What would a nurse have to achieve to be presented with such a prestigious award? Well a big thank you to Leo Deazley for the following information: The Hospital held a Prize giving day once a year when prizes were presented to students and Final Year students (3rd Year) who had Qualified as Regestired Mental Nurses. These nurses were presented with their Hospital Certificates and Hospital Badges. The Top Two nurses in this group got a Gold Badge and the runner up got a Silver Badge. The Gold Badge would usually have the Curious Incident Review  Fifty year eights had the opportunity to see the amazing production of ‘The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time’ at Milton Keynes Theatre this term. Students were studying the play script in lessons and this supported them in exploring the play. It was a powerful production where students loved seeing the incredible staging and inspiring use of creative technology and set design elements.  Year 4s P.E Experience Afternoon On Thursday 12th November, some lucky Year 4 from all our Lower Feeder Schools, had the chance to be introduced to Etonbury’s sporting facilities. Twenty Etonbury Sport Leaders organised a multitude of sporting activities which the upcoming students enjoyed participating in. The activities included Rugby, Football, Relays and activity courses as well as some circuit training which really tested their stamina. This afternoon gave the soon-to-be Etonbury students a taste of their future P.E department. The excitement was visible through the image that we were so lucky to be able to capture. Leanne Barber, one of our talented performers has been working hard at Gymnastics and Dance and achieved a grade 4 Gold Medal and she, along with her partner, Mabel, are now Herts County Champions. This is a super achievement and she will be performing some of her work at a forthcoming assembly. 14 | January 2016 | winners name and the years it took to achieve, followed by the words ‘Proficiency in Mental Nursing’ inscribed on the back. All nurses got a badge but indeed it was a great honour to receive this award. A few weeks after putting my badge on the website I was very surprised to receive an email from Declan McHale the marketing coordinator of Toye, Kenning and Spencer, While searching the internet he came across my article and told me the company still had all the Fairfield Hospital orders dating back to 25th May 1965 also they still hold the original badge metal die and all the badge design drawings. He also said if I would like photographs of them he would send them to me, Naturally I was very excited and asked Declan to send them over which he did and these can now be seen on the website. www.threecountiesasylum.co.uk We are still looking for more TCA/Fairfield Hospital Memorabilia (especially an ETC machine) so if you have anything to sell please contact Rich on 01462630912 We would like to wish All On The Button readers a very Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year! Events within school The whole school has enjoyed a Book Swap week, Year 5 have also had visits from The Dogs Trust, Roald Dahl Experience, they have also visited Hazard Alley. Year 6 are due visit Harry Potter World and have a Victorian Day. Year 7 are visiting the theatre to see ’Wicked’ and the Emirates Cable Car. Our Christmas Performance, ‘A Christmas Cracker’ takes place on W Y