on the button Issue 41 - Page 13

PATIENT and CARERS issues and priorities The experience of going to see a Doctor and getting medical advice and support should be as simple as possible (although it frequently does not feel that way at all). All practices are required by the NHS to work with their Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) to “review patient feedback received and agree on changes to services”. The local Practices are keen to provide a service that, as far as it can, supports and meets all patients’ needs. With this aim, the PPG is interested to know what are the priorities and issues that most affect patients and in particular, carers. If as a patient, or a carer, you would like to have your concerns and thoughts noted, please complete the survey below and return it to either the Arlesey or Larksfield surgery. Do you look after someone? Yes / No Do you have a Carer? Yes / No Please put an X in the Yes or No box to indicate whether the issues below affect you personally. Yes No Appointment issues Coming into the surgery to make an appointment, (as this is difficult for me). Getting through on the telephone when it is busy. Knowing about other methods for booking appointments, such as the online system. Getting information and advice/help on using the online system. Getting an appointment at short notice. Getting an appointment at a specific time. Having too few late evening appointments available. Having too few early morning appointments available. Getting continuity of care by seeing one specific doctor every time. Getting an appointment with a doctor who is an expert in my specific condition. Getting an appointment when the doctor says come back in two weeks and see me (and there are no vacancies available). Getting a home appointment. Getting a telephone appointment. Getting advice on whether seeing the doctor is the best way to deal with my issue. Getting a double time appointment when I have complex issues. Yes No All Patient’s’ general issues Getting advice on whether seeing the doctor is the best way to deal with my issue. Getting help outside of surgery hours. Getting help with transport for GP visits, hospital / physiotherapy / clinic visits. Asking and getting a referral to see a Consultant / specialist. Choosing where to see a specialist. Choosing myself where to go for treatment. Choosing where to go for blood tests. Asking for specific tests. Getting access to my test results at the surgery, or on line Seeing my records at the surgery, or on line. Making my records available to Doctors in other practices / hospitals. Confidentiality of my records Choosing where to collect my medication. Getting my medication delivered to my home. Getting a medication review with a pharmacist. Yes No Carer’s issues Getting recognised as a carer. Getting registered as a carer and who with? Getting support as a carer from local services My child is my carer, getting support for him / her. Getting a priority appointment for my cared for person. Getting a home visit appointment for my 'cared for person' instead of attending the surgery. Getting the practice to give me the results of my cared for person’s tests. Getting the practice to recognise that I am an expert on my cared for person’s condition. Getting a medi