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Larksfield Patient Participation Group “we are patients just like you” This year national PPG awareness week is the 1st – 6th June. At Helles, the 29th Division landed troops at five small coves. The landing at ‘Y’ Beach (Gurkha Bluffs) was carried out by the 1st King’s Own Scottish Borderers and the Plymouth Battalion of the Royal Naval Division, but these troops were forced to re-embark on the following day. The 2nd Royal Fusiliers landed at ‘X’ Beach, followed by the rest of the 87th Brigade. Under very severe fire, the 1st Lancashire Fusiliers landed on ‘W’ Beach and cut their way through wire entanglements and trenches to the edge of the cliff. They and the other battalions of the 88th Brigade established themselves on the hills of Tekke Burnu and Helles Burnu. The beach became known as Lancashire Landing. There were many more memorials at this cemetery and we didn’t have a location for uncle Herbert. We spent quite some time walking along the rows reading the names, ages and regiments. A farm vehicle took us by surprise and disrupted the peace in a cloud of dust. But other than that we remained undisturbed. We found his name, and took a moment to reflect. We took some photographs and decided we ought to continue to the Helles Memorial, a huge column which was actually visible in the heat haze f ɽ