on the button issue 20 - Page 6

the arlesey pram race Image: Keith Hirst Image: Keith Hirst Image: Richard Harris Image: Keith Hirst Image: Peter Wright Last month we published some images of the teams, outrageous costumes and fantastic ‘prams’ from the years of the races themselves. This month we have some more. It is not only great to look at the prams and contestants but who is in the background and where the pictures are taken – anyone you know? Thank you to all those who have lent me pictures to scan in and put on these pages. Image: Keith Hirst The pictures here have been sent in by Debbie Flint and they are of two Arlesey Pram Races which include her Dad Terry James, Husband Trevor Flint and Mr Ken Stratton 6 | April 2014 | to advertise telephone: 01462 834265 or go to the website: www.onthebuttonarlesey.co.uk