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White Horse Ad01:WH001 18/8/12 20:55 Page 1 Etonbury Academy extracts from Etonbury Academy’s newsletter – The Echo Harriet Lee—Bronze Medallist in 100m Breast stroke Bronze Paralympic medal winner Harriet Lee wowed Eton-bury Academy with her performance at a school assembly on Wednesday to celebrate her recent Bronze medal win-ning performance in the SB9 100m breaststroke swimming final. She answered questions about her achievements at the recent Paralympics and about overcoming adversity to achieve personal goals. Carlie Wells 7JMB put together a power point presentation to celebrate Harriet’s success. A number of pupils who had brought in photo’s of the Olympic events they had attended had their photo’s displayed in the hall and were included in a photo session with Harriet. 2 meals for the price of 1 Available all day Monday to Wednesday on selected meals. THE WHITE HORSE Available all day Monday to Wednesday on selected meals. 243 High Street, Arlesey, SG15 6TA telephone: 01462 731431 Red Bear centre comes to Etonbury At the start of the term we opened a base for Red Bear Children’s Centre at Etonbury. The room is designed to support families with children of all ages. Starting this month Red Bear are holding a Tiddly Bears (6months to walking) session at Etonbury Academy on Thursdays from 10.00am to 11.30am from 13th September, Term time only. Children’s Centres provide a variety of information and services to support you and your family. They are some-where your child can make friends and learn as they play. You can get professional advice on health and family matters or learn about training and job opportuni-ties. Red Bear Children’s Centre is your one stop ’hub’ for families living in Arlesey, Fairfield Park and Stotfold for your local support, advice and information on any services for families with children under 5 years. For more information on the services provided please call 01462 730623 Etonbury Farm update Over the Summer we spent a great deal of time and money to build our nature centre. We now have a school garden/allotment twice the size of our origi-nal garden, a pond, a fenced off area for pigs and chickens, a delightful orchard for shade in the hot months, a fire pit for use during sleep-overs and the roof for the piggery is due to be put on within the next two weeks. In the middle of October we will have our first Brownie sleepover when our firepit will be inaugurated - our aim is for the school to serve Brownies and Guides as a centre for their specific use, though other community groups are welcome as well. If You are interested in getting involved or using the space, please contact us at office@etonbury.cbeds.co.uk The Need Project We are supporting the Need Project within the local commu-nity by supplying items of tinned and non-perishable food for food parcels deliveries. During the next two weeks 24 Sept to 5 October Year 5 will be contributing to this project and after that date it will become a whole school project. We are asking that dried foods and tins are brought into school to help support parts of the community that are less fortunate. – Support Team Dr Mistrano celebrates success in a different way While we were all relaxing during the summer holiday Dr Mistrano was baking cookies!! He baked 200 cookies for last year’s Year 6 students. Next year Dr Mistrano would like to bake 300 cookies! Year 6—Remember, Dr Mistrano will bake You one cookie for meeting Your English target and another cookie for meeting Your Maths target. Any student that gets both English and Maths will get three cookies! Year 7—Last year Dr Mistrano was very proud to see You get the best results in the history of the school! Congratu-lations! Now that You are starting to work towards Your GCSEs, stay focused and push Yourself for even better results - go beyond Your targets!!! Dates for the Academy diary 24/10 Harvest Festival 24/10 Yr 5 Hello Evening 3.30 – 5.00pm 7/11 Etonbury Open Evening for New Parents 7—8.30pm Please note Correction to Date 8/11 Yr 6 Sats Evening 11/12 Romeo & Juliet Performance 7pm 14/12 Xmas Market 8 | October 2012 | www.onthebuttonarlesey.co.uk