ON Collaborative Brochure - Page 8

“Most sales and marketing plans come together just before the project breaks ground, and suffer for it. ON Collaborative’s approach proves that programming from start to finish yields powerful returns.” PROGRAMMING Building winning strategies from the ground up Preparation and planning are the basis of success in any endeavor. ON Collaborative develops and executes comprehensive, smartly conceived and effective programming recommendations for every aspect of a project from start to finish. Beginning with site analysis, ON Collaborative evaluates and analyzes every aspect of a development to make value-enhancing recommendations. To ensure unit sales, ON Collaborative recommends appropriate product types and unit mixes. A deep understanding of buyer demographics and psychographics help ON Collaborative pinpoint value-enhancing features, layouts, finishes and amenities, and set pricing that will appeal to potential buyers and maximize profits. With marketing needs in mind for every stage of the sales process, ON Collaborative creates and implements state-of-the-art branding strategies and integrated marketing campaigns to attract the right target market— or markets if more than one apply.