ON Collaborative Brochure - Page 11

“ON Collaborative’s sole focus was delivering the maximum return on investment. Their approach made them an essential part of our team.” SALES Onsite and accountable An exceptional sales campaign starts with an exceptional story. ON Collaborative defines the buyer journey from start to finish. At every step, analytics-driven knowledge is used to understand both the product and the buyer’s needs to create stories that are compelling to buyers and maximize sale prices. Additionally, ON Collaborative designs highly sophisticated sales strategies through a data-driven unit-release and pricing models that provide flexible and responsive sales tactics. Unlike residential real estate agents who work for themselves, ON Collaborative sales teams are rigorously trained, onsite sales agents dedicated to one client and development at a time. They are solely aligned with clients’ goals to ensure sales velocity and prices that maximize returns. ON Collaborative sales team is an extension of the developer—and a true partner throughout the project.