ON Chiropractic Spring/Summer 2013 - Page 8

COVER STORY COVER STORY / ROBERT BUREN The PatientCentred Team ROBERT BUREN WAS ALWAYS GOING TO BE EXTRAORDINARY. When 2008 began he had already accomplished a great deal. He and his wife Sabrina had built a home and family. His full and active life included playing the acoustic guitar, building projects and motorcycle racing. When Robert looked at a mountain he decided to conquer it. A mountain bike was his weapon of choice. He turned 37 that year. Sabrina and Robert started training for their first half marathon. It was during that training that they were introduced to chiropractic. Like many new runners they began experiencing musculoskeletal symptoms, such as joint and muscle pain. They tried a few different chiropractors before they met Dr. Carole Smith, owner of Your Health Wellness Centre. D 8 SPRING/SUMMER 2013