ON Chiropractic Spring/Summer 2013 - Page 5

he health care landscape has changed and the profession has evolved. The way the OCA communicates with its members has also evolved. In our weekly email bulletins we provide updates on regulatory changes and OCA advocacy, in addition to actionable tools and services to help you in your practice. The association has also developed a social media presence that allows it to provide real-time information and facilitate a peer-to-peer member dialogue. These developments created an exciting opportunity to rethink the way we construct the OCA News. So we did. The results of that process are in your hands now. Welcome to ON Chiropractic. What’s new about this resource? Everything. It looks different. It feels different. And, most importantly, it is focussing on the bigger picture. That’s because this is an important time in chiropractic in Ontario. So let’s dive in. In this issue, you will find both actionable practice strategies you can implement today and broader feature stories focussed on the future of the profession. In the cover story, we will examine the chiropractor-led team that supports para-athlete Robert Buren’s efforts to meet his competition goals in the context of his paralysis. We will also look at the progress that Ontario’s midwives have made over the last two decades, which will culminate in the opening of two new provincially funded Birth Centres. And, through the eyes of the World Federation of Chiropractic, we will gauge the state of the profession in Ontario as compared to other jurisdictions around the world. ON Chiropractic’s standard departments offer actionable looks at patient “recalls”, choosing practice management software, the latest on the spousal treatment prohibition and three of tomorrow’s chiropractors. Over the next several issues, ON Chiropractic will undoubtedly evolve. So if you have any feedback on the approach we have taken in this resource, please let us know. AN OCA Member Resource Bigger Picture. Brighter Future. T ON Chiropractic Welcome to ON Chiropractic We’re here for you. www.chiropractic.on.ca 5