ON Chiropractic Spring/Summer 2013 - Page 3

CONTENTS ON Chiropractic DEPARTMENTS The Patient-Centred Team Welcome to ON Chiropractic Robert Buren’s life changed in seconds. Now seconds count even more as he races to become an Ironman. Learn about the team of care that is helping him reach his most ambitious goal yet. And about “what’s next”. From Marginal to Mainstream The practice of midwifery was essentially criminalized less than three decades ago. Today the provincial government is getting ready to open two new, midwifery-led Birth Centres. The road Ontario’s midwives have travelled reinforces strategies in chiropractic. 2 SPRING/SUMMER 2013 8 D page 6 Change may be coming to regulations on the treatment of spouses. Get a refresher on the current rules and learn how to avoid liability. PAGE 6 Business D page 15 Patient ‘recalls’ challenge many practices. Strategies to build a patient-centred program are a place to start. Technology D pages 16 Choose wisely and practice management software can help build your practice. A needs assessment and fresh data on the most popular features will help. Community D page 24 The chiropractic student body is as committed and diverse as the profession itself. Meet three bright, future chiropractors and see where their practices may take them. PAGE 15 PAGE 16 Chiropractic in Ontario The World Federation of Chiropractic recently reported to the World Health Organization on the state of chiropractic globally. See how progress in Ontario tracks. PAGE 25 Gaelan 18 PAGE PAGE Compliance Mickey “ He reported, somewhat clinically, that the accident broke his back. He then explained exactly what that meant. His spinal cord was severed between his eleventh and twelfth thoracic vertebrae.“ D page 5 The next generation of the OCA News, this OCA member resource offers actionable practice strategies and bigger picture features. Welcome to ON Chiropractic. Fauzia FEATURES www.chiropractic.on.ca 3