ON Chiropractic Spring/Summer 2013 - Page 22

FEATURE STORY / FROM MARGINAL TO MAINSTREAM “continuity of care.” Typically, when a woman in Ontario seeks out a midwife she will actually be assigned two – a primary and a secondary midwife. The primary midwife is predominantly responsible for the “client’s” care and acts as the main point of contact. The secondary midwife helps manage the client’s care and takes on the responsibility of about half of their clinical appointments. In nearly all cases, at least one of these midwives is present at the birth. The second pillar of midwifery is “informed choice”. Midwives do not direct their client’s care. Women make as many of their own decisions as possible, based on the options that are explained in detail by their midwives. Appointments with midwives are longer and more frequent than appointments with an obstetrician.