ON Chiropractic Spring/Summer 2013 - Page 13

athletes demand a lot from their bodies. Robert is no different. Expressions like “play through the pain” sum up the danger posed by overly competitive athletes. The body needs to rest post competition and, perhaps most importantly, post injury. Part of Robert’s job is to be patient. Even when ample time is available, athletes are not always great at sticking to rehabilitation regimens. “Rehab exercises often pose challenges to clinicians and patients. Clinicians need to develop exercises that are sport specific to help restore ideal functioning. Athletes may find them tedious compared to their normal training regime,” Dr. Smith explains. Striking the right balance is critical. That open dialogue becomes invaluable during rehabilitation phases. Dr. Chen reiterated that perspective. She points out the cumulative impact of Robert’s endurance-based competition and his paralysis. These two realities of Robert’s life put additional strain on the muscles, joints and bones that he depends on for mobility and independence. “Competition is part of his mental health,” Dr. Chen said, adding that she remains “on the lookout for injury and prevention.” R obert’s case is more complex than the average athletic patient. In addition to helping Robert remain competitive, maintaining the gains he has made in his recovery is important. The fight against scar tissue is a big part of any athlete’s treatment. Maintaining flexibility and proper movement in the joints surrounding his injured tissues is an ongoing challenge. Following Robert’s competitions, Karges focusses in on any new injuries Dr. Carole Smith, Robert Buren and RMT Leah Karges at Your Heath Wellness Clinic. “ ON Chiropractic When we are treating our athletic patients close to their competitions or games we adjust our treatments accordingly.” ~ Dr. Carole Smith he may have sustained and then returns to the work of helping improve range of motion and treating scar tissue adhesions. Like many athletes, a primary restriction of range of motion is scar tissue adhesions. Robert’s team combines a variety of techniques to manage this reality of his case. This is an application of the periodization approach. As athletes competition times approach, their intensity levels will increase. This can be reflected in their workout regimens. Reducing the impact of treatments and focussing on maintenance, range of motion and circulation help manage the physical stress of these periods on their bodies. In addition to joint manipulation, chiropractors use a variety of soft tissue techniques to break up