OMS Outreach OMS Online January-April 2019 - Page 18

LAY LEADERS Help Extend the Kingdom By Troy Gentry, Field Leader for OMS Mexico “I can’t do it.” “I’m not qualified.” As I visit with various pastors and hear others share their experiences related to their congregations, they tell me that they re- peatedly hear these doubts. One pastor told me, “Nearly every time I ask someone in my church to lead a ministry or even to help, they always tell me, ‘I can’t. I’m not qualified to do that.’” As I recently thought about this issue and the need for more lay leaders to be trained and equipped for service in their local churches, I reflected on our current student body at Seminario Bíblico de México (SEMBIMEX). In doing so, I came to an interesting realization … the overwhelming majority of our current students are lay people. Noting this dynamic, I asked a couple of our students, “Why is it important to you as a lay person to attend SEMBIMEX?” “Having the opportunity to attend SEMBIMEX is more than a privilege; it is a blessing. As a woman, I do not aspire to be a pastor. However, theological preparation is so important for a better understanding when reading the Scriptures. Also, being prepared to take the Gospel to non-believers and to defend it against atheists has been possible thanks to the studies I have received at SEMBIMEX.” —Pricilla Fonseca 18