OMS Outreach OMS Online January-April 2019 - Page 17

country but also to train others to share the Gospel and plant churches through- out Latin America. This ministry began with a vision to give the opportunity for an entire city to hear the Gospel by an in- tensive strategy of evangelism and church planting, which we call saturation church planting. God blessed Juan Guillermo’s ef- forts and grew his faith as many came to Christ and new worshiping groups began. His vision grew from that first city to one state and eventually to the entire nation of Colombia. “Satura Colombia” was seeing great fruit when we discovered that Juan Guillermo had also started church planting initiatives in Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, and Ecuador. He realized that the Lord was moving his heart to raise up Colombians not only to reach their own but also to reach oth- er nations. Because of this, he changed the name of the ministry to “Satura Naciones” or “Saturate the Nations.” These are just two examples of many, including our partner denominations the Korea Evangelical Holiness Church, which has sent over 600 missionaries to 70 na- tions, and the Evangelical Church of India, which has sent more than 1,000 mission- aries to serve cross-culturally within India, crossing cultural and language barriers. One Mission Society is committed to seeing the reality of Christ’s words in Acts 1:8 come to fruition among the national leaders we partner with: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my wit- nesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” We praise God for how the peoples of many nations are coming together as a great harvest force for his kingdom! *Pastor Mar Ocampo received the honor and responsibility of becoming the president of the OMS-founded Faith Evangelical Church of the Philippines in April 2018. Pastor Mar will also con- tinue to serve as the ECC Philippines national co- ordinator through March 31, 2019. Pastor Bernard Quero will become the new ECC Philippine na- tional coordinator on April 1, 2019. photos page 16-17: Pastors Mar Ocampo in the Philippines and Juan Guillermo Cardona in Colombia 17