OMS Outreach OMS Online January-April 2019 - Page 15

support local churches in their task of discipleship and leadership development. They recently shared that they are committed to leading a “Bible Study Day” every other month in Viitka, the village where Livia previously worked for several years. The drive from Tallinn takes about four hours, so it is difficult for them to travel there more frequently. The host congregation does not have a pastor, so the Nelson’s help is greatly welcomed. In September 2018, they had their first Bible Study Day. Twenty-six people attended. People came from three other congrega- tions in the area for five hours of teaching. Considering that the host church’s average Sunday service has about six people, this was an amazing turn out! There is real hunger to go deeper into God’s Word. Livia and Mark shared that their short-term goal is to equip and facilitate people’s spiritual development so that they can find their calling and begin to serve in their local churches and communities. Their long-term goal, hope, and prayer is to see people across Estonia actively com- mitted to equipping one an- other and to serving in the kingdom of God. photos page 14 -15, top: Panoramic view of Tallin, Estonia inset photos: Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary classrooms 15