OMS Outreach OMS Online January-April 2019 - Page 13

parents, and then returning to the chief only to be physically abused again when the chief was drunk. Then, she would return to her parents once more and the cycle con- tinued. But when the chief gave his life to Christ, Lackson and other church members began to pray with him, teach him, and encourage him from God’s Word. Over time, he overcame his addiction, and peace came to his home. This powerful testimony impacted this village of 300 people. Soon, 90 villagers were attending church. They, too, found deliverance from their addictions. People stopped getting drunk. They started working in their fields again. Lackson said, “The next year there was a bumper crop. Hunger ceased. Not only did farmers have enough to eat, they had grain to sell. This allowed them to pay school fees so their kids could attend school. The church grew to an attendance of 200!” The village is a very different place today than it was just four years ago. Once the church was established, Lackson trained 15 church planters. Week by week, they came together in Lackson’s village. Lackson followed the Village Church Planting curriculum to train them how to plant churches in neighboring areas. Now, more than 40 villages have been blessed with the transforming power of the Gospel, just like Lackson’s village. In 23 countries across Africa, leaders like Lackson facilitate learning in 200 Village Church Planting training centers to train church planters to multiply disciples, leaders, and churches. Pray for them! photos pages 12-13: The transforming power of the Gospel can be seen in churches in 23 countries across Africa. 13