OMS Outreach OMS Online January-April 2019 - Page 11

his mother prayed and committed the fruit of her womb to God’s service. Un- able to conceive a baby after seven years of marriage, she cried out to the Lord for a miracle. He answered her prayer, only to be told that her newborn was not breath- ing. She pleaded with God for her son’s life. Soon after, a nurse noticed Lawrance John’s finger move on the table where his lifeless body had been placed after deliv- ery. The astonished medical team quickly attended to his needs, and he lived! As a boy, his mother repeatedly told Lawrance John that his life belonged to God and he was to serve him. As a teen- ager, however, he rejected that idea and rebelled. At age 18, he became seriously ill. Despite hospitalization, his malady 11 went undiagnosed. He struggled to find hope. Then, a pastor visited him and prayed for the Savior’s touch. A mirac- ulous healing followed, and Lawrance John’s life was forever transformed. Before becoming a student at MBS, he served on an ECC evangelism/church planting team. His passion for those without Christ fueled his efforts to share the Gospel. After graduation, he mar- ried Ranjitham and was blessed with a daughter, Angel, and a son, Ranjith. Since 1989, Lawrance John has served fulltime with OMS’ ECC ministry. He established 23 new churches from 1989-2010. But with the implementation of the Train & Multiply strategy in 2010, he and his team have now started 175 new worshiping groups. His team in- cludes a small army of 78 ECC trainers, as well as 240 pastoral workers (lay men and women) who have been equipped and mobilized. In recent years, Lawrance John has also planted and pastored a local church, which has grown to more than 115 families. This tireless “father” of a church planting movement continues to pour himself out seven days a week to reach lost people. He eats and sleeps his passion to serve Jesus and obey the Great Commission. Recently, a large team of OMSers celebrated the 75 th anniversary of the Allahabad Bible Seminary (ABS). For three days, we remembered the good- ness of God and his many sacrificial servants like Wesley and Betty Duewel, who faithfully prayed and toiled at ABS for years. The Lord has now raised up sons and daughters of the soil who are uniquely poised to continue equip- ping and mobilizing new workers for the harvest. ABS trains ministry leaders from all over India, with 176 residential students and 2,300 extension learners. Since 2005, students and faculty, doing weekend ministry, have planted 31 new churches in and around Allahabad. The legacy of harvest in India continues with many more miracles waiting to happen!