OMS Outreach May-August Volume 3, No. 2 - Page 7

Peru Pastor Efrain attended our training in Iquitos. A quiet man, he did not volunteer to participate and was not remarkable in any way. A few weeks later, he returned to share his story. Pastor Efrain was born in Pastaza, and he had not visited his hometown for 20 years. But God called him to return and take the Gospel to his people. Doing so required a 12-hour speed boat ride, followed by a two-hour ride in a smaller boat. When he arrived, he realized that although churches existed there, they were sleeping. He soon met a man who needed healing, so Efrain prayed for him, and he was healed. This same man brought Efrain to his home village, where he preached. Sixty people received Christ that day. Efrain is confident that when he returns with Train & Multiply, the re- sults will be even greater. The goal of this living stone is to train believers to do personal evangelism, disciple new believers, and teach them how to walk with God. —Vicki Pasterik, Church Multiplication Facilitator, Peru 7