OMS Outreach May-August Volume 3, No. 2 - Page 6

Satura Colombia In the town of San Pablo, in northern Colombia, Manuel Nieto pastors the Jesus, Living Hope Church. Towns like San Pablo are rarely visited by church leaders. So Manuel was pleased when Satura Colombia* came to San Pablo with a vision to nurture a church planting movement and to give him and his community the right tools to reach the lo- cal farmers. The Gospel, which is clearly presented in the Train & Multiply booklets, has enabled the pastor and church planters to participate in the transformation of the lives of many people in San Pablo. Initially, 15 young people gathered to study the Bible; today, more than 70 meet together. The tranquility that the Gospel has brought to the parents of these young people is evident also. In places where drugs, alcohol, and early mother- hood are a normal part of the culture, the Gospel has permeated young lives. —Dean Davis, Senior Strategist, International Ministries *Satura (Saturate) Colombia, an ECC partner, equips and releases Christians, representing more than 30 Colombian denominations, to multiply churches, disciples, and leaders. 6