OMS Outreach May-August Volume 3, No. 2 - Page 3

Office of the President Over recent days, I have been reading Ablaze for God by Dr. Wesley Duewel. He tells of a notorious British murderer who was walking to the gallows to be execut- ed. A chaplain walked along with him, routinely reading Bible verses. The prisoner, shocked by the chaplain’s perfunctory approach, lacking compassion and convic- tion, declared, “Sir, if I believed what you and the church say you believe, even if England was covered with broken glass from coast to coast, from shore to shore, I would walk over it—if need be, on my hands and knees—and think it worthwhile, just to save one soul from an eternal hell like that.” In the work of One Mission Society’s Every Community for Christ, our longing is to be ablaze for God, filled with love for lost people, and overflowing with compas- sion and conviction in making Christ known. Through multiplication, we want to reach as many as possible with the Good News. This is about disciples making more disciples, and worshiping groups being deeply engaged in birthing more worshiping groups. If we’re serious about giving at least a billion people the opportunity to hear, understand, and believe the Gospel by mid-2026, we must be ablaze for God! Our strategy must involve Spirit-led and empowered multiplication. When we’re on fire with passion for the lost, empowered by God, and using a multiplication strategy, the goal to reach a billion people becomes the floor, not the ceiling. The Every Community for Christ testimonies in this issue of Outreach Online paint an encouraging picture of what has happened as the fire of the Spirit and mul- tiplication have come together. My prayer is that this fire will continue to spread ... knowing that as it does, the Gospel will spread with it! Bob Fetherlin 3