OMS Outreach May-August Volume 3, No. 2 - Page 17

Elmer Kilbourne, third-generation missionary, grandson of OMS cofounders, and twin brother of Ernie, grew up in Asia and later re- turned there to serve with his wife, Ella Ruth, and their family in China, Korea, and Japan. He then served for a time in Taiwan before returning to Korea where he ministered for 40 years. He helped establish dozens of churches and several schools, and after the war, he helped establish 46 orphanages and 16 widows’ homes. He later served in India as well. Ernie Kilbourne, third-generation missionary, grandson of OMS cofounders, and twin brother of Elmer, served with his wife, Violet, and their family first in China and then in Japan for 20 years. In 1973, tragedy struck when Violet was killed in an accident while the family was in the U.S. Ernie later returned to Japan, where he met and married Yoko. They then served together in the U.S., Canada, Taiwan, and Hawaii, continuing service in Japan and Taiwan after retirement. Linda Ragsdale and her husband, Kent, served with OMS for 15 years in Haiti. She worked as the secretary at Radio 4VEH, corresponding with listeners from around the Caribbean and praying for them. She also accompanied Kent at church services, playing the piano, organ, accordion, or clarinet. Linda was known throughout the mission community as a prayer warrior, often leading people, including her children, to the Lord. Ruth Gamber Stucky felt led, in the midst of finishing her master’s degree, to apply with OMS to serve at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti. She served there for 11 years as a missionary nurse. She later worked with the newly expanded obstetrics services, joyfully bringing into the world new lives, both physically and spiritually. (Ruth passed in October 2016, and OMS received word after the May 2017 issue of Outreach Online was published, hence her inclusion here.) Bill Swathwood and his wife, Becky, began their service with OMS in 1968 as teachers at Morrison Academy in Taiwan. Over the next 35 years, they also served in the Philippines, China, and Hong Kong. Bill’s discipline and organization served him well in the classroom while teaching English, direct- ing drama performances, and giving leadership to yearbook productions. Orville Wolff arrived in Brazil with his wife, Roberta, and their chil- dren in 1964. They served there for the next 11 years. Orville enthusias- tically lived out his lifelong commitment to the Great Commission. His ability to share God’s love for others awarded him innumerable friends as he taught seminary classes, planted churches, assisted in starting a youth camp, and served on the OMS Board of Trustees. 17