OMS Outreach May-August Volume 3, No. 2 - Page 16

In Memoriam In 2017, One Mission Society lost several beloved missionaries. We now honor and remember those OMS missionaries that served with distinction for 10 years or more. Mary Brown served faithfully alongside her husband, Harold, for more than 20 years in Haiti as a teacher, tirelessly investing herself in the lives of many missionary kids. She graciously took on other responsi- bilities as well, such as field hostess and secretarial roles. Later, she and Harold served in Russia with the CoMission for several years. Philip Chandler served for more than 25 years with OMS in Haiti, at the OMS World Headquarters, and in Taiwan, using his electrical and maintenance skills to help ministry move forward. He and his wife Lorna then returned to the U.S. to serve at the OMS headquarters in 1999 and spent the next 18 years working with World Intercessors, OMS’ prayer ministry. Chuck Dupree spent two years doing evangelism in Japan and then returned to the U.S. to attend seminary and marry JoAnn. They returned to Japan together and spent 40 years ministering there. Chuck served in a variety of roles, including OMS field treasurer, business man- ager, and project manager. He also assisted Japanese district churches in evangelism and training programs and was instrumental in establish- ing and supporting the Sendai church. Maydine “May” Gonnerman began her adventure with OMS in 1967. In her official role, she served faithfully and diligently in the U.S. Finance Department for 18 years. But beyond that role, May enjoyed celebrating special occasions with other OMS missionaries and their children. She also developed a deep burden for prayer, praying especially for the single missionaries who served overseas. 16