OMS Outreach May-August Volume 3, No. 2 - Page 15

Philippines Ronnie, an ECC worker in the Philippines, is a like- able, happy young man who struggles with profound hearing loss. This disability had left Ronnie with a low self-esteem, unable to find his niche in ministry. Because of Ronnie’s love for crafts, the mayor of his community asked him to create the Christmas star for the community celebration. The project was much larger than he could manage alone, so he enlisted help from community members, including the local police. The police brought inmates from the local jail, and thus began Ronnie’s friendships with the police officers and prison inmates. After Christmas, a vibrant jail ministry was born. Ronnie now effectively shares the Gospel, grounding inmates in the Word, and finds ways to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of inmates and their families. More than 100 inmates have received Christ and been baptized, and the ministry has expanded to six other jails. Through the Spirit’s empowering, using ministry tools entrusted to him, this living stone is doing extraordinary things in God’s kingdom. —Larry Freed , Director of Church Multiplication, Every Community for Christ South Korea Ilias* was born into a devout Muslim family. His older brother belonged to the Muslim brotherhood, and Ilias followed him for more than three years. Then, he began to study the life of the prophet Mohammed and started to question his beliefs. Christians at his workplace taught him about Jesus, and Ilias saw a great contrast between these two men. His work then took him to another country with virtually no Christians, and finally, he moved to South Korea in 2014. Ilias met two Christians there; one invited him to church and another invited him to a prayer meeting, which he attended twice. Both times, Jesus appeared to Ilias in a vision. Those visions are what finally caused him to place his faith in Jesus. In February 2017, I met Ilias at Friends of All Nations (FAN). Since that time, we have talked and prayed together regularly. Ilias was baptized in August 2017, and his thirst for learning all the teachings of our Lord continues. (FAN is an ECC partner ministry in South Korea that shares the Good News with foreign workers, makes disciples, and prepares church planters to return to their countries of origin.) —David Jun, Director of Friends of All Nations *Name changed for security. 15