OMS Outreach May-August Volume 3, No. 2 - Page 14

India In 2016, ECC trained 5,000 Indian men and women to become church planters to start 10,000 new house churches in 2017. The following story is a result of this effort. “Our team leader instructed us with Train & Multiply (T&M) material and gave us the T&M booklet in Hindi. I prayed, ‘Lord Jesus, take me to the place where you have ap- pointed me to serve.’ God showed me a small village, and I ^YY 8&ܙ [YH[H\ۈوXXH\K&HH8&\ܘXKHY[]Y[][YKH\]Y[B[^YY܈\YYˈH[]YY[\YH܈HYY][[H\YBܞHوHY[ۋ\\]]YZ\][[ۋ^H[]YYHXˈY\]\[YZ]\[[HX\Y\ HXYH\]Y[[^H\]ˈ][^[۝[HY[\YH\Y[YZ\]\ˈ]\[\B\^Y [[Z[[\ܜ\[ܛ\\[YXۙ H[\ Y[\][ۈ\\[\[Y\˸'B%Y\ [X[\[\M