OMS Outreach May-August Volume 3, No. 2 - Page 13

Democratic Republic of the Congo Sister Esther Furaha serves as a tutor with the Bridge to Reading literacy ministry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. When she joined, she was an unbeliever and said, “I just want to help the Dina group learn to read and write, but I don’t believe in your stories. I believe kimbirikiti with my whole family.” Kimbirikiti is a spirit that the Barega tribe worships in Esther’s home province. The Dina literacy class is composed of women who identify with Dinah of the Old Testament and her abuse by society. Specifically, these women never had an opportunity to go to school when they were younger. Using Bible passages, Esther tutored for 16 months before she finally gave her life to Jesus! Village leaders invited me back to their village to baptize Esther because she was known everywhere as an unbeliever. The Dina group rejoiced that their highly respected tutor had received Jesus and is following God’s call to become an evangelist! —Herman Mutuzi, Lead Tutor, OMS Bridge to Reading Literacy Ministry 13