OMS Outreach May-August Volume 3, No. 2 - Page 12

Tanzania Angelina lives in an area of Tanzania impacted by multiple religions and witchcraft. Her life was characterized by fear until she attended the Seed Sowers training led by a joint ECC and Dynamic Women in Missions team. She left the training feeling confident and empowered to share the Gospel. God led her to share with a sorceress who lived nearby. So she fasted and prayed for three days before approaching her. The woman untied her dog so it could bite Angelina. Still determined, she prayed more and returned. The sorceress’s husband accepted Christ, at which point he dramatically passed out, and the sorceress began vomiting. It was a troubling experience for Angelina. The woman also tried to kick Angelina and attack her with a knife when her son wanted to follow Jesus. Ultimately, the entire family accepted Christ. The sorceress burned her idols and witchcraft paraphernalia. This act drew a crowd, and many others in the community accepted Christ and now attend church. Angelina, as a living stone, leads an I Am Second Bible study for these new believers. —Pat Dragon and Sheri Wardlaw, OMS Church Multiplication Trainers Cote d’Ivoire God has blessed ECC with great leaders around the world. Mathieu’s story repre- sents many of our global partners. Mathieu, from Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, is a vibrant living stone. Wherever he sets his feet, he works to build God’s kingdom. This is evident whether you are having a meal in his home or worshiping with him in a partner church in a large city or in a remote village church. Mathieu desires to see Jesus’ church built up and thriving. He has an incredible sense of humility. Despite being the senior supervisor in his area, he still refers to everyone else as “my chief.” Along with being a tireless worker for the kingdom, he also loves to sing and dance in praise of Jesus. Mathieu truly has a servant’s heart and is an integral leader in God’s holy priesthood. —Ryan Hicks, OMS Associate Church Multiplication Facilitator, Africa 12