OMS Outreach May-August Volume 3, No. 2 - Page 11

Spain Ioan, a Romanian man, arrived in Spain with his family during the economic boom in 2004 and began to build his own economic empire. After just a few years, he had every- thing he desired until he began to destroy his life through the use of alcohol. He and his wife, Simina, divorced in 2010, and he lived a lonely existence after that. In 2016, after completing a rehabilitation program, he went to his family to ask for forgiveness, but because of distrust based on his past behavior, Simina refused. Later, Ioan accepted Christ through the Peace and Hope ministry in Spain, and he began to trust in God. It was strange for him to speak about faith because he had always said that the only faith he had was in himself. The church began to pray, and in May 2017, they began efforts to reunite the couple. God has done wonderful things! Ioan and Simina have reconciled and were remarried in April 2018. Alleluia! —David Guillén, Director of Peace and Hope, Spain 11