OMS Outreach May-August Volume 3, No. 2 - Page 10

Estonia Ludmilla is a member of an ECC-related wom- en’s group in Estonia. One day, she felt God ask- ing her to share the Gospel with an older man on the street, but she didn’t follow through and speak with him. She later heard that he died that same week. This missed opportunity challenged her to be obedient in speaking with people; it es- pecially gave her a heart to share the Gospel with older people. Later, she saw two older men and approached them. She told them that they did not have much longer to live and needed to believe in Jesus and receive eternal life. Both prayed to receive Christ! However, Ludmilla understands that the making of disciples is about more than a one- time prayer. As a result, when she was prompted to speak with a woman in the supermarket, she not only shared the Gospel but also invited her to join their new Bible discussion group. The woman was excited to attend and is now seeking God. —Brent Weaver, OMS Missionary in Ukraine and Church Multiplication Facilitator for Estonia 10