OMS Outreach Jan-Apr 2013 - Page 9

tions for our resident medical doctor. Dr. Nolly shares real-life help, appropriate for the Haitian context of limited resources, all coming from a biblical worldview. Haiti’s most urgent health problem right now is cholera, a fast-hitting, waterborne infection that is both preventable and treatable. More than 7,000 people have died already, and more than half a million people have been sick with cholera (1 in 20 of Haiti’s people). When the outbreak began two years ago (the first in 100 years), OMS UK missionary Julie Briggs (now Edler) reported, “People are believing all kinds of things (about cholera), and they are willing to believe them because they are so scared. I’ve heard, ‘If you drink lots of alcohol, you will be protected against cholera’ or ‘You can get cholera from the dust in the street.’” “Educating people is the most important thing,” Julie said. And that’s what Radio 4VEH does through easy-to-understand information about health, including songs and jingles that help the message stick in people’s minds—messages like, “wash your hands after using the restroom” and “add chlorine to water before you drink.” With God’s help, radio is a powerful communicator, able to reach into people’s homes and hearts, providing answers that can’t be found at the witch doctor’s hut. When people like Mayko and his family are blessed ]H\Y[^HX\و8&\ݙH[\\[ۈ܈[K\[\]\Z[[X[YXK[][]H[[[Y[ܜ\]\X[[ܙK[H[\H[Z[HZHX^Z&\Hۜܚ[H\[[H\Y[˂YH Y[ RNHYHNRX[H[K][H\[[H\Y[ LK^YX\[X^Z‚[[Z[Y\ZHX^Z&\X\H]\H^HYY[Hۜܚ[H\[[H\Y[^[YY[ R[K[YY][]Y[]\[Y[[Z]X[ܙ[K[Z[Y\[X\YK\][[ܛX][ۈ[\\\Z\\Z[[X[YXK[H[[X]H[]H\[[Hو\\\ [[\ۘ][ۋX\Y\[[K[H[Y[[K\]˜\[[Kܙ[][ܙKB