OMS Outreach Jan-Apr 2013 - Page 28

Eating at the King’s Table By Jessica Hollopeter, Missionary Journalist, One Mission Society Ivan was just 6 years old when he ran away from home to live on the streets of Mexico City. For 23 years, his life was filled with drugs and criminal activities. Eventually, Ivan became so dependent on drugs that he was unable to walk or feed himself. He was carried to the OMS dropin center and left there, convinced that he had no hope of returning to a productive life. Ivan endured months of rehab, retraining his damaged brain to function without the drugs that had ruled his life. Day by day, as Ivan learned how to walk again, he also grew in his faith, learning that God had a plan and a purpose for his life. Ivan accepted Jesus as Savior before going into rehab, and he now has a passion to tell others like him about Jesus, desiring to be a living testimony of what God can do. The drop-in center where Ivan was left is just one aspect of Proyecto MEFI, a ministry of One Mission Society that exists to equip and train the local church in leading society to eradicate homelessness among children and young adults in Mexico City. This is a daunting task as an estimated 1.2 28