OMS Outreach Jan-Apr 2013 - Page 24

Flying High By David Runge, Director of World Intercessors I first heard about One Mission Society in 2010 while I was serving as a pastor and prayer facilitator for another Midwest mission organization. I visited OMS, met Dick McLeish and learned about the OMS prayer ministry, which Dick was leading at the time. Dick and I shared a common story, having both been called out of the marketplace into missions in our 50s and now leading prayer for our respective organizations. My training had been in theology, psychology and counseling, but in 1985, after seven years of ministry, I left to begin a career in aviation. In 2008, God called me back into ministry. Yet, in spite of an immediate ministry opportunity, I told God, “No, I’d rather fly airplanes. “ “Fine,” He seemed to say, “We can do this the hard way.” Over the next year, God began to take away all my work until, in April 2009, I was finally unemployed after flying planes for nearly 25 years. During that year of dwindling work, God opened up new opportunities for volunteer ministry and preaching. I asked His forgiveness for saying no and told Him that if He ever asked me again, I would say yes. I went on a short-term mission trip the next April and was asked by the executive director of that organization to come on board as staff pastor. This time, I said yes. Over the next two years, Dick McLeish and I developed a friendship, and he became a mentor to me in prayer. My wife Kathy and I visited him and OMS several times in those two years, and each time, I became more impressed with what God was doing through the ministry of OMS and with the joy, earnestness and humility of the people I met there. God kept bringing people associated with OMS into my life during this time when our own organization began to downsize. I investigated opportunities on the OMS website, and in March 2012, after two months of exploring, I pulled the trigger and contacted OMS. The position of director of World Intercessors had just been posted. Kathy and I applied and were accepted for missionary service. I’m thankful that, through this new ministry with OMS, God has given me the opportunity to renew my love for Him and the privilege of responding to His invitation to “feed my sheep.” 24