OMS Outreach Jan-Apr 2013 - Page 23

sponsors in their churches and through family members or friends. Anyone who desires to see children in Haiti go to school and learn about the love and hope of Christ can become a sponsor themselves, a OneLife Changer or both! OneLife Changers promote Starfish Kids in a variety of ways. Kathy, one of Starfish Kids’ most successful OneLife Changers, does an annual Christmastime promotion in which she encourages people to consider student sponsorship as a gift alternative for friends and family. Many of these gift recipients have become ongoing sponsors. Another OneLife Changer displays student photos at her church. Shelly says, “I don’t have to do much; the beautiful photos of the children tug at the heartstrings, and the Holy Spirit does the rest!” Other OneLife Changers display student photos, show the promotional DVD and distribute brochures at mission conferences, Rotary Clubs, vacation Bible schools, in Sunday school classes of all ages and even at scrapbook or quilt groups. Starfish Kids is also promoted through church partnerships. Churches use Starfish Kids as a springboard to a more extensive involvement in Haiti ministry. Pastor Rob explains, “At Millcreek Church, our desire has always been to establish ministries that not only meet an immediate need but that grow far beyond those humble beginnings. We partnered with Starfish Kids at St. Philomene School to meet an immediate need, but our prayer and expectation is that God will grow the relationship into something that reaches the entire community, effecting eternal change for generations to come.” At night, when I hear the voodoo drums in the distance, I think about the children who hear those same drums … children who have only known the fear and bondage of voodoo. I think about a little 12-year-old girl who wants to go to school. I want her to have more than just an education. I want her life to be changed for eternity through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and I know that through the ministry of Starfish Kids and the gift of sponsorship from our donors, eternal change can happen, one life at a time. photos page 22 & 23, top: Starfish kids photo page 23, bottom: A young sponsor meets her student. To sponsor a student, become a OneLife Changer or get more information on church partnership, email 23