OMS Outreach Jan-Apr 2013 - Page 21

A Lover of Children By Gail Leroy, Missionary in the Dominican Republic, One Mission Society photos: Millie presents a trophy to the winning team for Bible quizzing at the Vocational Bible Institute. inset: Millie Young today When I think of “Aunt Millie,” the words children and compassion come to mind. Millie was my grade school teacher in Medellín when I was a missionary kid living there. I remember well her love of teaching, encouraging people and counseling. As a young adult, I returned to Colombia on a short-term trip. To my surprise, Millie was the missionary that took us around to visit OMS- and Compassion Internationalsponsored schools out in the jungles. It was Millie who encouraged me on that trip to become a full-time missionary. Three years later, I was back in Colombia, working with Mighty Millie, as many called her. She was a tiny little thing, but mighty in so many ways. Bruce Hess, the Colombia field leader for many years, says Millie was the first OMS missionary to obtain a visa to Colombia in 1955, in the midst of the 10 years of violence (1948-1958). Years later, Millie moved to Cristalina to serve at the OMS-related Bible institute. Millie taught and oversaw the girl’s dorm. On the weekends, she took students to the village to do evangelism and teach the children. The students learned a lot from her and still talk about it today. I remember how the children reacted to Millie when we visited the schools. They swarmed around her, anxious to hear and see the flannel graph stories she had prepared for them. She was loved, and she loved. During this time, a young U.S. intern came to Cristalina to teach children. His name was Vernon Young. He and Millie hit it off. After a short time, Millie and Vernon were married and later had three children: Colleen, Joyce and Howard. They soon moved to Magangué to be closer to the river ministry. ۙHYX^H[ NMK\ۋ][]\[\Y\H]\\][[ۈܜXX[ۙH[\\]\[Hܛ[] \۸&\ܜH[XY[HN\ۈ[[ۙY [ NN H]\YXXHܚ]Z[YKH]Y]\[\Yٙ[ۈ܈H]YX\ˈH[Y[X\\ܚ[ۈX]\X[[[]H]Y[][\[HYH\وH[ܛ[ˈ\][ۘ[YH]\[\HX\\Y[HY8%Z\[YH[[H\[[[H\\[ۈܘ[KXX[[^H [[[XX\\ܜ[[Z\[ۘ\H[Y]\[]X[ܙKHX\YHHZ[YKH]HݙH[\XHXX[Y܈\[\YHZ[YHY&]]\H]\Y\\۸&\X] HZY 8'H\[YXXKH[Hܙ[YH۝[YHHܚH[YYH˸'HXXH[HXX[\H\YKY\X\H YX\وZ[\KH[XYYX\HܚX[\YY[0[[0KH[Z\\\ܝ܈H[Z[\H[ܘYHY[ˈ[H[^\܈HXX[[H]\H^KB