OMS Outreach Jan-Apr 2013 - Page 19

One Mission Society celebrates 112 years of ministry this year. Of the hundreds of missionaries who have served in our ranks, few have remained in active service as long as Bill and Ilene Douce. They joined OMS in 1946, and now, though semi-retired, they still spend part of each year in Ecuador, the nation they love. The Douces travel two times each year to the remote Saraguro region to assist with the medical work at the clinic they founded. “I was raised in a Christian home on a farm in Ohio,” Bill says. “We always had daily devotions and prayer, and we attended church every week.” In spite of his pious beginnings, at an early age, Bill learned the arts of deceit … things like cheating and stealing. “But when I was 13,” said Bill, “our church scheduled a two-week revival. During the altar call, miserable and repentant, I made my way to the front. That night, the wondrous blessing and joy of forgiveness was mine. I belonged to God.” At a summer family camp, Bill was urged to attend Asbury College. Shortly thereafter, he felt compelled to kneel at an old stump and ask God to guide him. “Suddenly, a voice, so clear that it seemed audible, said, ‘Bill, I want you to be a doctor.’” Thus, after graduation from high school and a short stint in the Army, he found himself at Asbury. On weekends, he pastored a small rural church. It was there that he got to know a beautiful classmate who could work magic with the keyboard. Her name was Ilene Moser. Bill and [[H\HX\YYH^HY\ܘYX][ۋ]\؝\K^HYX\Hܙ\وZ\[ۘ\Y\ˈHۙ\HHܚY[[Z\[ۘ\HY]H ۙHZ\[ۈY]JHYY\H[\\Y[H [T\Y[]Y[H\H\]Y[X\Yو[8&\[YYX[ܚH\Y 8'x&]H\[YHXXY܈Y[ [[HۜY\[[\[H[X\O'HH[[\H^YYX]\[[K[][[۝^H\HX\YHT[Y[\\][ۜˈ]][H]\[YX\YܙH^H\]Y[XXY܈YHYYX[[[XYHX\[ˈ[HHX\\Hۈ\]][ۋ^K[ۙ]H[\H][[X[ܛ X\وHYX]\\و]H[[Z\[ۘ\Y\]H[و]XH[X[[XXY܋][YܙH\TY[H[[H[H[YK\Y\Y[H[\\H\]وZ\\\ ۘH[XXY܋HX\[ۙ]H[وY[܈Z\[ۜX[\Z[HYYX[[X[H\[\Y\ˈHۙ][[X[[Y[HقYH NHX\]H]\Y\Y[YH NK[[HXX\H\Y\[[N[\^\H]\Y\[Y]\NB