OMS Outreach Jan-Apr 2013 - Page 15

photo page 14: Destinat Dieumerci and his wife, received H4H house #29. photo page 15: The team from Centerpoint Fellowship Church in Alabama, along with the Dieumerci family his family. They have services each week in their yard or in their house. Sometimes, as many as 50 people attend. Each Saturday, they also have a children’s club, with about 25 children in attendance. Two other families from the Gressier church have also received houses through the Homes for Haiti project and are also having services during the week at their new houses. They are praying that many more of their neighbors who lost houses in the earthquake will soon have a house as well. Many families are still in tents after three years. Centerpoint Fellowship Church in Prattville, Alabama, also provided the funds for a house, and in October 2012, they sent a team of four men and two women to Haiti to finish building house number 29. The young family that received this house, the Destinat Dieumerci family, was so grateful to the Lord and to the Prattville group for their house. The mother shared that when their old house fell down during the earthquake she was told that her baby had been killed. In her panic, she picked the seemingly lifeless baby up from the rubble, ran outside and began to try to nurse the baby. She said it was a miracle; their baby son began to eat and is completely healthy today. At the end of December 2012, OMS had completed 35 homes. But we can only move forward as the Lord provides the financial resources and as He calls men and women, like you, to go to Haiti to help build a home. If you are interested in giving to Homes for Haiti, use the enclosed envelope with your next gift. If you are interested in participating on a H4H team, email Bill Evans at, or check the trip opportunities at 15