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CELEBRATE FOOTBALL SEASON WITH THESE SPECIAL TAILGATE PARTIES AND GAME DAY TRADITIONS AT UNIVERSITIES ACROSS THE COUNTRY. BY ASHLEY RYAN NE F ace paint smeared on, drink in hand, the home team’s colors emblazoned on every shirt—there’s no party like a tailgate. Some of the fi rst college tailgating experiences can be traced back to Yale University in 1906, according to Yale Alumni Magazine. One of the earliest signs of the tradi- tion occurred when fans brought picnics to spread out before the late November game against Harvard. Th is may have been, in part, because of the automotive revolution that was taking place around the same time. For many fans, the tailgating experience is nearly as important as what happens on the fi eld. Often referred to as “parking lot picnics” in the early days, the term tailgating spread in the 1950s with the popularity of the family station wagon. FA L L 2 0 1 7 OMNI_School-eV3-e.indd 52 Tailgating history is also largely defi ned by the food. Th ese days, classic barbecue favorites like burgers and hot dogs can be found alongside artisanal cheeses, charcuterie and exotic dips for chips and vegetables. While tastes change and parties evolve, one thing remains con- stant: Tailgating is about the community. Getting together with friends, family and even strangers to celebrate a beloved team creates a level of camaraderie not found in many other settings. Fans and teams alike take this a step further by creating other unique tradi- tions surrounding sporting events. Th ese run the gamut from orig- inal fi ghting songs to rituals like raising a fl ag in honor of a home game win. Next game day, head out a little early and join in on the fun at these colleges—all of which are near Omni Hotels & Resorts properties. | 52 | ESCAPES 9/22/17 11:39 AM