Omni Escapes Magazine Escapes Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 45

Outside the towering windows, the sun was just beginning to set, bathing the room in its warm, golden light. Hundreds of candles flickered across the tables and window ledges. From the French blue ceiling high above, three contemporary Czech-made crystal chandeliers created an ambient glow. A photographer stood ready by the door, capturing the expressions on guests’ faces as they suddenly found themselves in the spectacular space. The 18-piece orchestra, made up of musicians dressed in tuxedos and black gowns, sat on the bandstand with pride. As they filled the air with live music through dinner, they were making history. “I think, more than anything, that made the night,” Haggerty says. “With its vaulted ceiling, the room was made for that sound.” Sharifi agrees the band was a standout memory for her. “The whole experience was really lovely,” she says. “It felt like that’s what the room would have sounded like when Joe’s mom used to throw parties there back in the day. A lot of our guests had a memory of the room. They were all so excited to be part of the first experience there.” Murmurs among the guests drew comparisons of the evening’s glamour to films set in the Roaring ‘20s such as “The Great Gatsby.” “There was a moment where everyone just stopped and said, ‘Where are we?’ ” Jackman recalls. Assuring no detail was overlooked, Omni staff pro- vided formal French-style table service—even the upscale menu was a nod to the venue’s bygone era. Haggerty says a proper beef Wellington and a jellied aspic salad were appropriate choices to evoke throwback dishes that might have once graced the ballroom’s dinner tables. Between two courses, the groom made an appear- ance on the balcony with the band. He looked the part of a true rena issance gentlemen as the musicians accompanied him in an unforgettable rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon.” After dinner, the couple found another chance to honor the bride’s heritage through a Persian tea service presented alongside mini baklava and chocolates. A whimsical dessert table with bite-size doughnuts dusted in 24-karat gold and gourmet lollipops with edible flow- ers at the center were also crowd-pleasers. When the orchestra finished their last set, the disc jockey stepped in to spin Persian music and elevate the party’s ambience to new heights. Just before midnight, the tireless staff delivered imaginative dessert shots to everyone on the dance floor. “There are certain, undefinable things that money can’t buy,” Haggerty says. “One of those is magic. The combination of a really wonderful bride and groom, only 160 people, the sexy ambience we created in the room, amazing food and extraordinary wines all added up to a beautiful, elegant, formal and, most importantly, timeless wedding.” The next morning, guests joined the couple for a well-appointed brunch at the Palm Court of The Omni King Edward. Coinciding with Mother’s Day, the mean- ingful gathering made for a wonderfully fluid continuum of the night before. “In over 13 years, designing close to 400 weddings, this one stands out for all the right reasons,” Haggerty says. “None of us took it lightly that we had this place in history at The Omni King Edward Hotel. And we made it a very special evening that could never be replicated. Joe wrote to me the very next day and ended his email with, ‘I think we did right by the Crystal Ballroom.’ ” • FA L L 2 0 1 7 OE3-Married-eV4-e.indd 45 | 45 | Libations served at the event included a special cocktail called The Persian in addition to two other signature drinks, which the couple co-created with the team at The Omni King Edward Hotel. ESCAPES 9/29/17 3:25 PM