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Although the dishes sampled by the Omni team in Rioja often incorporated many of the same ingredients, such as cured or grilled meats and fresh vegetables, Wardynski found that the complexities of the flavors allowed each dish to stand on its own. With the Flavors of the World menu that the team is developing, he hopes to bring the authenticity of Rioja cuisine back to the United States. “If you haven’t been there to see, taste and immerse yourself in the culture, the food and the wine, and the people, the authenticity isn’t intact,” he explains. Rosenstock agrees with Wardynski about the food in Rioja, noting that the tapas are especially impressive with the way their ingredients are mixed. “It reaffirms our philosophy—less is more, quality is what drives great food,” Rosenstock says. Bringing it Home Now, with the flavors still fresh on their tongues and an incredible experience under their belts, the Omni team members aim to bring a little bit of Rioja back to the U.S. at properties nationwide. While Omni’s restaurants already seek to include unique menu items that represent each property’s local culture, the progressive Flavors of the World series brings epicurean experiences from around the globe to guests staying on property. It offers an authentic taste of a far-off destination for a limited time. Previous pro- grams have highlighted areas including Chile, France, Argentina and Italy. The Rioja experience began in March for the food and beverage teams. A food and beverage representative from each Omni property attended a brand culinary conference that included speakers from the featured region. A ballroom filled with tasting tables from Rioja’s wineries gave these representatives a chance to sample each wine and select those they believe will resonate best with their guests. As a result, each property is able to FA L L 2 0 1 7 OE3-Spain-eV4-e.indd 31 | 31 | While visiting Rioja, Omni’s food and beverage team sam- pled a variety of local cuisine and wine in order to bring the authentic flavors back to guests during the Flavors of the World culinary program. ESCAPES 9/21/17 11:07 AM